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Yay I finally managed to access the Midnight Hollow page, thanks to the in-game link (Avenida Sims reminded me of that, thank you!) So I collected all the screenies and info here. And I captured the (small) images from all the objects and clothing as well. Did you know that there are 114 exclusive new items in this world! Oh my goodness!

Find your light in the dark splendor of Midnight Hollow

I keep trying to access the Midnight Hollow page on The Sims 3 Store, but no such luck. I keep getting errors. I can visit the premium content page however. And the premium content is the Savvy Seller's Collection. This premium item is what you will need for "Open for Business" in The Sims 3! What I'm trying to say is that you can open your own shops in The Sims 3 with this premium item!

De Sims 3 Midnight Hollow teaser trailer

So my Twitter exploded while I was having dinner. Why? Well EA has posted a video from Midnight Hollow, the upcoming horror/gothic world. And as if it's not amazing enough already, the world offers more. Because your Sims can start their own shops. That's right! It's Open for Business for The Sims 3. Obviously, that's not the name. But that's the name that rings a bell for everyone who played The Sims 2! Now that I know this, September 26 can't come soon enough. Although. I need to start saving for this lol!

Check out the screenshot for @SimGuruSparkle's hint yesterday!

SimGuruSarah took over Twitter today to answer questions about The Sims 3: Movie Stuff. I collected all the questions and answers here, along with a nice amount of concept arts! :D

Here is concept art for one of my favorite dresses in Movie Stuff - it's a Victorian-style gown for the Western theme


SimGuruSmitty (Lisa) just tweeted SimGuruSparkle's screen of the new world they're working on!

Are the chickens and horses lonely on your Sim's farm? Enter the Farm Fresh Folk Set with the Milkin' It Dairy Corral and your problems are solved! In addition to cows (YES, COWS!), you'll get a whole new set of pioneer-inspired clothing and home decor to help you create the perfect farm! Your Sims are one step closer to self-sufficient living...

I was in my game just now building something new (uh oh!) and while I was browing through the patterns, I came across at least 10 new patterns. You can see them below! You can get these patterns for free by installing the latest patch! They seem to be aimed at The Sims 3: Movie Stuff and will also go nicely with the upcoming expansion pack Into the Future! :D I really like these patterns! I am using a couple of them in my upcoming house!



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