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Woooo the new store set is out now!

In this place the old and the new blend together timelessly. It is a land of breathtaking design and stunning explosions of color. Find your inspiration again with Dreams of India.

So this morning when I woke up supposedly a lot of Sims 4 images had leaked. Now although I am excited about it, I didn't receive them from EA and I could only track a couple of them back to the official website. So decided not to post them just yet. I did make a funny image with one of the renders. And what do you know, Sims Domination tweeted about the PC PowerPlay magazine featuring one of these renders on the cover!

The upcoming issue of the German Sims magazine will have an article about The Sims 4!

"Die Sims 4: Das ist die zukunft der Sims! Grosse emotionen, intelligentes multitasking und intuitive kreativtools!"


"The Sims 4: That is the future of The Sims! Big emotions, intelligent multitasking and intuitive creative-tools!"

This number will be available August 16th!

I usually wait until Wednesdays but I couldn't wait this week and neither could Designer Alan Copeland! Read his blog about Dreams of India and see for yourself! Available on The Sims 3 Store August 15th!

Not long ago on the Sims 3 Store forums I was asking if we planned to follow up on any of the sets that have been released in the past. Well today I’m happy to announce a return to one of the most popular themes we’ve ever done.

Inspired by fellow Simmers (Platinum Simmers, we're looking at you!), we'd like to put together a BINGO card for the live broadcast happening at Gamescom! But we need your help - post your ideas for the squares in this thread so that we can get things started.

We will need to fill in 24 spaces. We'll keep the center of the card a free space!

Let the games begin.



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