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Saturday, August 17, 2013 - 03:44

In just a few days I will be travelling to Germany for both Sims Camp and Gamescom! If you missed the announcement, read it here and watch my video! At Sims Camp, we will be able to see and play with both The Sims 3: Into the Future AND The Sims 4! Yes, for real! I am very excited to go there, to see and play these games. But as always I will do my absolute best to write an amazing article about both games for you, my readers! You know what would make it even better? Your questions! I know you must have a lot of questions! So please, leave a comment below with your questions. Or if you want to, you can also send me a reply on Twitter or Facebook. You have more chance of having your questions answered if you post it below in the comments. Please keep it friendly, ask proper questions and don't ask things you know are not going to be answered! Happy I will take all the questions with me. And I will try and check back in between. But please send in your questions before Tuesday.

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Santiago (not verified)

Lot of fans wanna see a game more stable in #TheSims4, the game was made from the start thinking about that? will return the videos that appeared in special moments of the sims in sims 2?

Deonte (not verified)

What are some new, cool features that Sims can now do in the Sims 4 that they may not have been able to do in the Sims 3?

Apotheosis's picture

Can you please ask them if Cinematics like in TS2 will be back? :D

Missy (not verified)

Can you please ask them if we will have an option to play with friends in the same neighborhood

Stacey (not verified)

Will we still be able to customise objects and clothing like in TS3 using CAST?

Minaa (not verified)

hello, hi, can I kindly of you ask them if the "attraction" system will be in the base game and if so (the most important question for me) will we be able to ADJUST the attraction system? Because, you know, sexuality is a tricky little thing, so there is more than this "mutual attraction". Pretty please? Happy

Emily Ortiz (not verified)

Will sims in the Sims 4 be able to open car doors and pull out of the driveway?

Anonymous (not verified)

Will the Sims 4 have the same level of customisation as the Sims 3, like changing colors and patterns freely on almost everything?

Anonymous (not verified)

Will the level of customization be the same on The Sims 4 as it is in The Sims 3? (Changing patterns and colors freely on almost everything)

Anonymous (not verified)

Will the level of customization be the same on The Sims 4 as it is in The Sims 3? (Changing patterns and colors freely on almost everything)

Anonymous (not verified)

Will sims be able to have more interactions with the baby stage?

Fotiana_emily_thomas (not verified)

Is the sims 4 do have Rabbit-hoes? And were or how many?

Apotheosis's picture

Can we know if the humor will be more Console-ish? Like in TS2 or Urbz or Bustin' Out. I loved the animations in TS2, for example, if they closed a fridge they'd kick it. Lol.

Alison (not verified)

Are there going to be differences in accessibility between Mac users and October users in the sims 4? (For example how in the sims 3 Create A World was only accessible to PC users)

NuNu (not verified)

In all of the Sims series, the Sims have been the same height. I was wondering if they would add height sliders to The Sims 4? I think that will be a good idea. Also do we still get the enjoyment of watching our Sims grow and have children?

Ally (not verified)

In Sims 3 Into the Future, will time travel effect the present if you go back and forth between the future and present? And can you see everyone older if you travel to the future?

Secret (not verified)


Rosana's picture

We weren't allowed to record it! So I didn't.


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