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9 Dec 2020 - 18:00
Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho! 🎄🎅 I'll be participating along with 6 others in a Christmas collab on Sunday December 13, 2020! We'll stream for 14 hours straight, and we'll build a Christmas house in The Sims 4. The streams will all be in Dutch, but you're always free to watch. This is the schedule!

Follow all of us if you haven't already!

📷 Illustrations by Rosie / SimsNetwork.
🔠 Layout by Jessie / TessellateGames.

23 Sep 2019 - 18:38
The Sims 2 Collections

So this may seem like a really random post. It's not. I've been part of the EA Game Changer program for a few years now. I am proud to be in that program. Because I've always worked hard on my site and its content. But there are people out there who feel that Game Changers are only saying what EA wants us to say (not true), and that we never criticise the game or suggest "things that people really want" (also not true). Today I am going to write about a feature from The Sims 2 (and also kinda from The Sims 3) that I really miss in The Sims 4.

I'm also hopeful that at the end of this post, you will consider sharing it via social media (the more people share this, the better), and that The Sims studio will hopefully see this post/the collage and consider putting this feature in The Sims 4 in the future.

The Sims 4 has a lot of features we didn't have before. But there are obviously also things missing. Sometimes that's okay. It might be something we don't really miss. But sometimes it's something that we really DO miss. I'm sure a lot of people have forgotten about or don't even know about the existence of COLLECTIONS in The Sims 2 (and later also The Sims 3). So I'm here to remind you: WE HAD COLLECTIONS AND THEY WERE AWESOME!

I've made a collage of screencaps of the Sims 2 UI as you can see above.

Collections in The Sims 2 were both used to group items from packs, as well as themed items. So you would have items from Apartment Life, but also items in the Metro, Gearhead, Bohemian, Socialite, Groovy, Asian, Medieval, Mission, Colonial, Atomic collections et cetera. I know we have categories in The Sims 4, quite a few. And that is awesome and really helpful too. But you can't make your own category in The Sims 4. You can't create your own collection of favourite items in The Sims 4. It would be incredibly helpful if we could!

Think about it.

What if you have a Challenge where Sims players are only allowed to use very specific items? A collection would be so convenient!

For custom content creators and users it would also be such an awesome idea. I personally create a lot of CC items, and many of those items belong to a collection. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have those items together in a collection?

I also feel that the colour filter in The Sims 4 is pretty useful at times. And sometimes it's completely useless because it's lacking specific colours. (Where is aqua/turquoise, teal, mint etc? Those colours aren't blue nor green!) With Collections we could group our own favourite items together, and find them back in one location every time we need them.

Preferably Collections would be added for Build/Buy items (including wallpapers/floors!) but it would also be great for CAS.

In The Sims 2, we could create our own custom Collection icons, which we could then load in the game and use for our custom collections. I really encourage The Sims studio to not only bring back Collections, but to also allow us to load our own external images for it.

I'd also like to see the option to share our collections. I understand the Gallery might not be the best place to share them, especially if we are using custom icons. But it would be great if we could copy the Collection file and put it on our fansites and Tumblrs. That way, we could share Collections for challenges and custom content.

In The Sims 2:

  • You can use the existing Collections from Maxis.
  • You are also able to edit or delete those if you want.
  • You can create new Collections.
  • You can also edit and delete those Collections.
  • You can add more items to Collections.
  • You are able to use icons which came with the game itself.
  • You can also create your own icons and use those in the game.
  • You can share your collections with an audience.

To this day, I use Collections when I play The Sims 2. It is incredibly useful and I'm not sure why this isn't in The Sims 4.

This feature would make the game SO much better. Please consider implementing this back into the game EA/The Sims Studio!

Thanks for reading! Please share (see links below!)

4 Mar 2018 - 15:13

Happy news! If you are a regular here or if you follow me on social media (Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram or Tumblr), you'll probably know about my pregnancy. I posted about health issues and pregnancy complications in January.

Well a few weeks ago on February 11 (a day after my birthday) I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His name is Levi and he's our third son. Brothers Seth and Quinn are really proud.

As you can probably imagine I'm a bit busy with the baby at the moment. We're not getting much sleep (if any) so I definitely need some time to recover.

Whenever I have some free time (and energy) I will post custom content, as always!

3 Mar 2018 - 22:00
EA Play 2018

Join Us June 9 - 11 at the Hollywood Palladium for Games, Music and More

EA PLAY is heading back to the city of stars this June, and we're bringing you the biggest games of the year.

  • Where: Hollywood Palladium
  • When: June 9-11, 2018
  • Time: Saturday 2pm - 8pm; Sunday & Monday 10am - 8pm

At the core of EA PLAY is you – our players and communities. EA PLAY is a place to connect with our games and each other, whether you’re joining us in person, online or through your favorite content creators and community leaders. It’s all about giving you early access to our games, listening to your feedback, and most importantly, having fun with some of the biggest games in the world.

And best of all, tickets are free.

The annual three-day event will include more hands-on experiences at the Palladium for players attending the event, while some of the biggest global community creators in the world will be sharing early game footage and live streams directly from the show floor for players viewing from home. We’ll also have a rich online content program via with breaking news, stories, live content and more to take you deep inside your favorite games.

What games, you ask? At EA PLAY 2018, you will have a chance to play our next Battlefield™ experience, new EA SPORTS™ games, and get an inside look at the stunning new action game, Anthem™. The Sims™ 4 and our mobile games will be on hand, and of course, we have a few surprises as well.

If you are able to make it to Hollywood, we have a lot in store for you: hundreds of game stations, awesome game demos, lots of experiences for attendees and families, including music, art, food and entertainment for everyone.

Tickets will be available this Spring - and in taking your feedback from last year's event, we'll be introducing a new system to give you better hands on access to your favorite games. So stay tuned over the coming weeks and months to learn more about EA PLAY 2018, including ticket availability, entertainment, program schedule and more.

We’ll see you in Hollywood!

To stay informed about EA PLAY, sign up for the newsletter or follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

16 Jan 2018 - 18:20

Normally I would post this message on the blog, rather than the news section. But I also realise that most people probably don't actively follow the blog. Hence the decision to post it here instead.

Some of you may know that my partner tszcheetah and I have been expecting our third baby since shortly after we got married in May. I kept in mind that I had pre-eclampsia during my previous pregnancy, and chances were that I would be suffering from this again in another pregnancy, but this wasn't set in stone. Now fortunately as far as we know I'm not currently suffering from pre-eclampsia. But I am being monitored closely. And I'm experiencing a lot of pain (and pain attacks) and complications in this pregnancy, leaving me unable to work on anything that has anything to do with my computer. This includes my job and unfortunately also SNW. I'm mostly on bed rest, so I'm either on the sofa or in bed. I hate that I'm not able to do anything. But I'm mostly in and out of the hospital at the moment, for regular appointments, but also for tests and what not. I'm really tired and ill, and with only 4 weeks to go until the due date, I'm just not very active at the moment. And I wanted to let you all know. As always I will still be back, the moment my health allows me to work at my PC again.

There's a small chance I will work on the site (Laundry Day stuff pack article and perhaps a video) later this week, seeing as we purchased a Steam Link device, so I can use my games whilst in the living room. I have yet to try this out, but I'm eager to do so. I miss playing The Sims (or any other game for that matter!)

I would also like to point out that because of my health issues and my due date being in less than 4 weeks (I'm due on my birthday, Feb 10), we are likely to be very slow responding to messages and comments regarding the website and the Graphics Rules Maker. Especially since my husband is also ill at the moment, and he's the one behind the Graphics Rules Maker tool. We will get back to your messages when we are feeling better. Thank you so much for reading and understanding.

Love xoxo ♥


22 Mar 2017 - 18:35
The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff, The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff

A couple of beautiful Bowling Night renders! 

22 Mar 2017 - 18:28
The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff, The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff, The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff

Check out the new Bowling Night stuff pack screens!

I'm screaming on the inside! Mid-century modern AND bowling! Aaahhhhhh! Love it!

22 Mar 2017 - 17:59

Ik heb zojuist een e-mail van EA ontvangen over het aankomende accessoirespakket De Sims 4: Bowlingavond Accessoires:

Bereid je voor op een geweldige tijd met De Sims 4 Bowlingavond Accessoires, beschikbaar vanaf 29 maart 2017!

Jouw Sims kunnen binnenkort hun bowlingvaardigheden verbeteren op het gloednieuwe bowlingbaan-object. Daar houdt de pret nog niet op, want er komen ook nieuwe retro-objecten in de game, waaronder hippe zitmeubels, sfeervolle verlichting en rekken om bowlingballen in te bewaren. Of je nou je bar wilt uitbreiden met een bowlingruimte of je nachtclub gaat omtoveren tot een relaxte plek om te chillen onder het genot van een potje Moonlight Bowling: het kan allemaal met de De Sims 4 Bowlingavond Accessoires!

Maar deze objecten zijn niet de enige toevoeging aan dit uitbreidingspakket, want er komen ook nieuwe kledingstukken die in het teken staan van bowling. Maak indruk bij je vrienden met hippe retrokapsels en te gekke nieuwe kledingstukken. Het is zelfs mogelijk om een bowlingteam op te zetten en om matchende outfits (ja, ook bijpassende schoenen!) te dragen zodat iedereen weet dat jullie samen een hechte groep zijn.

Hier is ook de nieuwe trailer:

Je kunt meer lezen over het aankomende accessoirespakket op

29 Sep 2016 - 22:36
Update: PC Version / Mac Version (Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos) screenshot

There is a new (free) game update for The Sims 4. It has been out for a few days already, but I've been really busy irl.

I managed to take a bunch of screenshots tonight of the new content. I've posted all of those on a different page though! Too much to include here. :P

Some of the changes include:

  • A new recipe for Pan de Muerto is available under the Cook… interaction.
  • Several new objects are available for your Sims to decorate their homes. Search for the term “Day of the Dead” in Buy Mode to find…
    • Two new wall hangings, a table, some candles, and a sculpture.
  • There are also several new outfits for your Sims in Create a Sim!
    • Male and Female Sims have a new full body outfit, plus face makeup.
    • Female Sims have a new hair, and Male Sims have a new hat.
    • Children also have a new full body outfit and face makeup.

Furthermore starting October 1st, you will be able to find Jasmine in game again, for a new challenge! Something about collecting 9 sugar skulls and honouring the dead! ^^

You can read the rest of the patch notes here.

29 Sep 2016 - 22:22
The Sims 4: City Living screenshot, The Sims 4: City Living screenshot, The Sims 4: City Living screenshot

The Sims Studio published 3 new screenshots, and a new blog from SimGuruGrant: "9 Cool Things You’ll Find Exploring the City of San Myshuno"

Try new foods. We wanted to make San Myshuno a diverse city with interesting cultures, and the most delicious part of culture is food! San Myshuno introduces food stands with dozens of new recipes. Plus, to make it a little easier, your Sims can learn the recipes just by sampling, which pairs perfectly with our new City Native Aspiration. Your Sim can really get out there and sample the world’s delicious cuisine!

Grab some swag. Festivals are fun, but what is the point in going if you can’t take something awesome home? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Festivals all have Swag stalls to sell t-shirts, unique spices, special fireworks, and more to your Sims. Bring a few extra Simoleons and send them home with something that says “I was there!”

Collect snow globes! People throw junk out all the time in the cities, but one Sim’s junk is another Sim’s treasure! Keep your eyes peeled for cardboard boxes on the streets. Your Sims might find snow globes to complete the new collection.

Read the rest of the blog on the official website, or if you prefer you can read it on Simpedia.



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