STAY UP IN THE SIMS - New gamepack and kits announcement

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 11:25
STAY UP in The Sims - Television test card
STAY UP in The Sims - Kids in backyard, sitting and laughing
STAY UP in The Sims - Lady blowing a kiss
STAY UP in The Sims - Moonlight landscape with howling in the background
STAY UP in The Sims - Alley
STAY UP in The Sims - Announcement - New gamepack and two kits

Yesterday I posted about "THIS SEASON IT'S LIGHTS OUT"

We finally know what it means and what's going to happen!

The Sims shared a new teaser video on both Twitter and Facebook with the caption "The fun starts when the sun goes down, so seize the night this season 🌇"

In the teaser video we see a Sim watching television. The Sim is flipping through the channels it seems. First there's a scene with kids sitting on chairs outside, then a female Sim blowing a kiss to the camera, followed by a landscape with rocks, water and the moon shining in the sky, and we can hear howling in the background/ And finally we can see some kind of alley with a shadow moving. At the end there is a test card with Simlish text on it. Then the text "STAY UP" with "IN THE SIMS" below appears on TV. And the thing we really wanted to know "WITH 1 GAME PACK AND 2 KITS" and "COMING MAY/JUNE 2022"

So there you have it. Watch the video yourself below:

What do you think? Was this what you expected? Or did you think it was something else?

I don't know what to make of the scene with the kids. But the one with the lady blowing a kiss reminded me of the matchmaker feature we had in the past somehow. Like a dating service for Sims maybe? I don't know. But I just wouldn't know what else it could refer to. Then the moonlight scene with the howling sounds in the background really made me think of werewolves. And finally the alley? No idea what that means. Also, it clearly says at the end there's going to be one new gamepack and two new kits. Looking at the speculations I would say werewolves would come in a gamepack, like witches in Realm of Magic, which was also a gamepack. And the matchmaker feature could be in a kit, perhaps?


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