STAY UP in The Sims - Television test card

Yesterday I posted about "THIS SEASON IT'S LIGHTS OUT"

We finally know what it means and what's going to happen!

The Sims shared a new teaser video on both Twitter and Facebook with the caption "The fun starts when the sun goes down, so seize the night this season 🌇"


This morning I woke up to The Sims having a new profile pic and cover photo on both Twitter and Facebook. The profile pic has a neon like plumbob, and in between "The" and "Sims" on the cover photo is the same plumbob (but lit up). Below The Sims it says "THIS SEASON IT'S LIGHTS OUT"

I wonder what that's all about?

People in the comments/replies section are speculating it's going to be another refresh, for packs like Outdoor Retreat, Realm of Magic and Get Together. What do you think this is all about?

Here's a little teaser video!

SimGuruSarah took over Twitter today to answer questions about The Sims 3: Movie Stuff. I collected all the questions and answers here, along with a nice amount of concept arts! :D

Here is concept art for one of my favorite dresses in Movie Stuff - it's a Victorian-style gown for the Western theme



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