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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 19:49

SimGuruSarah took over Twitter today to answer questions about The Sims 3: Movie Stuff. I collected all the questions and answers here, along with a nice amount of concept arts! :D

Here is concept art for one of my favorite dresses in Movie Stuff - it's a Victorian-style gown for the Western theme



Heroes&Villains was a really unique theme & with all sorts of fabulous new objects - this is the shower "phone booth"


The concept of "Spooky Horror" was to create quirky content. Here is some concept art for our "Patchwork Girl"


When we decided to make "Spaghetti Western" a theme in Movie Stuff the first item we decided to make was the All-In-One-Bathroom outhouse!


Here is concept art from Movie Stuff for the "Super Sailor" female hero costume! One of my personal favs!


We have Hero & Villain inspired table with a map & lights showing "crime" - here is the concept art for that:


Here is the concept art for our "Queen of the Night" spooky horror female dress:



Movie Stuff has a Rocky Horror inspired male lingerie CAS item. Here is the first of two concept art ideas for it: 


We have Rocky Horror inspired male lingerie CAS item. Here is the second of two concept art ideas for it:


Concept art from The Sims 3 Movie Stuff for the "Simobile," an awesome fast car!


Here is the Movie Stuff concept art for "Super Fire" - the flames blend and work great with the CAS-style tool!


Here is the concept for our Hero & Villain themed motorcycle. The car is more masculine, and the bike more feminine. 


This is the concept for a huge "trophy" case for the Hero & Villain theme. It looks really neat in game!


This CAS outfit in Movie Stuff was inspired by the idea of Annie Oakley in the movies.


We have a "Horror Bride" CAS asset (dress+hair)in Movie Stuff. Here is some concept for the dress with & w/o sleeves. 


Peacock Man was one of our original Hero & Villain designs. I like his "tail" Happy


This is the concept art for "General Skunk" in The Sims 3 Movie Stuff. I love the mustache!


I have some more Movie Stuff concept art to share! This is our Western Saloon girl dress. 


This is our "Goth Girl" spooky horror outfit from Movie Stuff. We have this for Teens as well as adults.


Another piece of Hero&Villain concept for you -we call this one "Super Justice Llama" even though she has bunnies ^^' 


This is a neat piece of Movie Stuff concept art - it's for the "Hero Memorabilia" Wall object. 


Another fun female hero outfit from Movie Stuff - we call her "Super Valkyrie"


Another full color piece of Movie Stuff concept art for you - this is for our Horror Male outfit.


Another great hero (or villain!) concept for CAS in The Sims 3 Movie Stuff for you in beautiful color!


This is the concept art for our hero/villain chair in Movie Stuff. It has a nifty "console" on the arm.


Just a few more pieces of Movie Stuff concept art for you&then I'll be done..this is one of the Western Male outfits! 


This is my favorite Western Male CAS option in Movie Stuff - it's very Doc Holiday Happy


Last piece of concept art from Movie Stuff for you - Freezer Bunny Man! He can be a hero or a villain! 



Q How did you get the ideas for the three main themes in Movie Stuff (Western, Horror, and Heroes)?
A We've always wanted to make hero and villain content, but never had an opportunity in an EP! Originally our 3 themes were Spooky Horror, Heroes and Villains, and SciFi, but then we decided to make Into the Future... so we swapped SciFi for Spaghetti Westerns!

Q What is your favorite theme? Horror,western or heroes? Happy
A I like the Western best for CAS options, but the Hero & Villain for objects (laser door and phone booth shower for the win!)

Q Are there starry earring? I want to make Jem, from the '80's animation. Would be sweet to go with the 80's stuff
A No earrings unfortunately - but that would be cool! I love Jem! One of my favorite cartoons in the 80s Happy

Q Love the movie backdrops I've seen & the animations.
A The movie backdrops are really neat! I like sticking them outside a window as "scenery" Happy

Q at what point did you all notice the typo of "Villains" in the trailers haha
A Yes, lol (It's a hard word to type correctly Wink

Q Which one of the themes was your favourite to create on #MovieStuff?
A The Hero & Villain content for sure! We had so much fun concepting and brainstorming. So many possibilities!

Q Why did you choose those three themes?
A We always wanted to explore Heroes & Villains, but we never had an opportunity to do so in an EP. The Spooky Horror content was inspired by a certain movie director. We went more quirky and less goth, so that we were able to do something new.

Q How did you/your team come up with the corset outfit for men?
A When we first announced Movie Stuff I read a forum thread where people were asking for a Rocky Horror asset...we aim to please Happy

Q it's pretty clear that the team had a blast with this fun and creative!
A This was the best SP to brainstorm and create concept for, imho. The themes were just so fun and flexible!

Q Will the horror themes items come in handy with the new store world? #TheSims3MovieStuff
A Yes Wink I hope that people find that Movie Stuff complements the content in the new Store World (and Supernatural)
Q Was this a coincidence that they fit together so perfectly? :D
A Yes? Wink

Q Will the horror themes items come in handy with the new store world? #TheSims3MovieStuff
A @SimGuruSmitty and I met during Movie Stuff development to make sure that we were making complementing content in the new world.

Q What is your favourite single thing in the SP?
A I like the two Western dresses for the ladies. Which one depends on what day you ask me, lol
I own one in real life very similar to the Victorian-style gown, so I'm fond of dressing my "me-Sim" in that.

Q What other ideas did you have for this SP?
A We had a lot of neat horror objects we didn't get to make that would have been fun, like a spooky teddy bear.

Q Can you interact with the objects? If so which is your fave?
A You can interact with many of the objects! I love the new laser door - the lasers turn on and off when you walk through it.

Q wow so I can make Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas? OMG YOU SHOULD MAKE A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS EXPANSION PACK :0 !!!!!!
A Yes! I need Zero as a Sims 3 Pets dog : )

Q I have a q's about the new stuff pack. I'm lost is it just clothes and objects not a new job or world how do you make this "moves"
A Movie Stuff is just new objects and new clothing. You can already make "movies" in The Sims 3 if you have the BG.

Q Did you have any specific movies that you were inspired by?  other than rocky!
A Tim Burton's style for the spooky content. Many of the Hero & Villain assets are definitely inspired!

Q How did you feel working on Movie Stuff Pack? Happy
A It was a lot of fun! These are really creative themes to work with, so I think it was the most fun SP I've worked on Happy

Q Are you the person who draw the items/clothes or you are the personn who made them ?
A No, we have a team of talented artists who make the concept, and another team of talented modelers who craft the objects. 
I'm a producer, so I help pick what content we'll make and coordinate work and write text and other mis. stuff!

Were there any popular superheroes that inspired you when making the S&V theme? #TheSims3MovieStuff
A A mix of different Heroes and Villains from across the board. Some of them are unique creations, like Peacock Man&Generla Skunk.

Q Love the outhouse!
A I love that it actually functions as an outdoor commode...I hope lot builders find it helpful for Western thematics.

Q What was the idea behind putting in that lingerie outfit for men?
A That is inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture show! When we first announce Movie Stuff Simmers on the forums asked for it.

Q Which is your favourite object?
A The laser door is really awesome! So is the phone booth shower and the "Simobile" which is the super car - it goes very fast!

Q The female hairstyle reminds me of Wonder woman!! :D
A Isn't that a great hair? I love that one!

Q how or with what idea did you came up to make #TheSims3 Movie stuff suuuuper great, exciting and addicting?
A I think the themes sell themselves...the content is so fun and unique!

Q how do you differ #TheSims3 Movie to other #TheSims3 versions?
A Well, Movie Stuff has Heroes & Villains content which we don't offer anywhere else. 
The Western content is more fictional, "Spaghetti Western" style than what we have in Pets or on the Store. And the horror is more quirky than gothic, which differs it from Supernatural.

Can you please tell me about how many western objects I would get with the movies Sp? Please tell me if there is a western bed.
A There is a Western bed! There is also a new rocking chair, a bar, barstool, dresser, table, a saloon door, signs, and more!

Q Do you have a favourite song from the new music genres?
A Oh boy, I like it all...I actually got to pick all of the music for the three new radio stations, so I hope you enjoy it Happy 
I spent several hours listening to tracks and narrowing down my favorites.

Q Western is sounding my fave at the moment. What horror objects are there going to be?
A There are some new doors, a spooky bookshelf, a tombstone bed, a fireplace with glowing eyes (which I love!) and more!
Q glowing eyes sounds awesome. Thanks Happy
A It's called the "Watching Me Watching You" fireplace...because it's always watching z.z
Q hahaha! I love the object names in the #Sims3 They never disappoint

Q looks like "Nightmare Before Christmas"
A We were definitely inspired by Tim Burton for our spooky stuff in Movie Stuff Happy

Q Are there any Easter eggs to find in the new content? Like Sims 4 Easter eggs? XD
A No Sims 4 easter eggs in Movie Stuff, sorry!

Q Any new accessories coming with Movie Stuff? Happy
A No accessories, but we do have shoes for all ages (except toddlers)

Q Is it worth buying another expansion pack before #TheSims4 comes out?
A That is a choice you will have to make for yourself...there is still plenty of time to play Sims 3!

Q Just another question, who comes up with the SP loading screen!?
A Our lovely and talented UI artist Sammi Kim is responsible for the Movie Stuff loading screen, one of my personal favs.

Q It's by far one of the best we've seen! Nice way to go out with the stuff packs! Tell Sammie well done from me!
A That I shall :D Thank you for the complements on the screen!

Q Have you got indians too? In the western stuff
A No Indians in Movie Stuff, but there is content like that available on The Sims 3 Store.

Q I think all of the designs are absolutely stunning !! :D ....
A Awww, thanks! I'll let our artists know - they love to hear that people love their work :D

Q Oh, forgot to mention I love whoever came up with the idea of the Freezer Bunny superhero outfits. Very Sims-like Happy
A Glad you like them! Our fabulous concept team had a blast working on the hero and villain content!

Q hello what makes Sims3 movie stuff special? And why they just didnt include those costume in a party choices?
A It's special because we got to explore the Hero and Villain theme, which we've never done before on The Sims 3!

Q so cool with the laser door can you get shot
A Haha, no. But the lasers turn on and off when you walk through it and you can pick what color they are!

Q I love to see all these concept art. It's so great to see where is from the idea for becoming an ingame item!
A I love concept art too! It's always fun to compare it to the final product.

Q Do you think that you will sharing more concept art from the world store like the lunar lakes one?
A We don't always have concept art for Store worlds unfortunately. Sometimes we just use photo ref which we can't share.

Q Will there be an Import into CAS for Sims 4 of Sims 3 characters?
A No, I don't think that's technically possible. The two CAS systems are pretty different/separate.

Q I love the plumbob accents you've added Happy
A We love details - they were definitely the fun part of making the hero content. Working in the bunnies and plumbobs and whatnot

Q Overall a Fabulous set! #YallDidGood
A Yay! Glad you like it :D

And that was about it. I tried to list here what was useful and made sense. And of course Sarah's last Movie Stuff takeover tweet:

This was fun, thank you to everyone who joined my Twitter take over! I'm signing off for now, but please keep sending Movie Stuff ?s my way!


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