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Here's a new Movie Stuff screen! What an evil fireplace in the background!

You’ve voted on your favorite Sims and here they are now revealing new items from The Sims 3 Movie Stuff! Our female Sim looks like she’s up to no good… What do you think she’s up to? Caption this image!

I've had to keep this quiet for so long. And I'm so happy I can finally tell the world about it!

Guess what I just bought? Yeah it's no surprise, the Sims team created this awesome set and I had to have this. Surfing! Woooo! Expect pics soon. Happy

Surf's up! With the Surf's Up Sun and Fun Wave Station you'll be catching waves in no time. Want to look the part as well? New swimming suits, wet suits, and hairstyles will help you perform tricks in style! Now get out there and catch some killer waves!

SimGuruSarah just announced she has moved onto the Sims 4 team!

Happy Friday Simmers! I'm busy wrapping up The Sims 3 Movie Stuff and on Monday I start on The Sims 4, wahoo!

Maxis logo

Earlier today Inside EA mentioned on Twitter that EA is looking for a Senior Game Designer at Maxis! It looks like were getting a new mobile game. My guess is that maybe it's mobile version of The Sims 4. What do you think?

Join EA and work on a new mobile Sims game as the next Sr. Game Designer for Maxis!  #hotjobsfriday @EA

It's about to get HOT on Thursday, August 1st!  

I bet you guys were waiting for this, right?

You can handle any heatwave with the new set coming out this Thursday, August 2nd! Can I just say I’m obsessed with the swimwear too? Can’t wait to try them all on!

Here’s a little peek 

1) Isn't this so adorable?



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