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Are you ready for the Live Broadcast? Only 6,5 more hours to go! :P You can watch it here if you like!

Sims Domination has found this Movie Stuff artwork/render. I love the superhero stuff!

If you follow SimGuruRiley on Twitter you may have seen these pics already. We all love Freezer Bunny. And guess who is out and about at Comic Con? Yeah, Freezer Bunny! And SimGuruSteph is also there, so I collected photos/tweets from both of them this time!


Is your Sims dining experience a bit ordinary? Is it so humdrum that it feels like they just disappear entirely when they go out to eat? In that case it’s time to spice things up by heading out to the Business as Usual Bistro for the crème del le crème of opulent dining experiences!



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