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Although not really Sims news, I thought it was really funny that SimGuruRiley is going to Comic Con with Freezer Bunny! See all the fun pics below! Happy


SimCity on Facebook just posted these screens which show some of the new features coming soon:

Update 6 Changes Currently in Testing

We are testing changes to how RCI works in the game in response to feedback directly from our players. The main goals are to make Industrial matter more and make sure the demand bars inform players what they should zone.


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I have been a little occupied with my hardware the past few days. I didn't forget about the news, don't worry!

So SimGuruTaterTot has posted plenty of new sneak peeks on the official Sims 3 forums this week. And it is really clear now that the new store content is a restaurant. Which means you can run your own restaurants. I am a little confused if this also means we will be able to sell other things and if we can have a bakery as well. But more about that later!

There is no way I am not buying this. So basically: I am buying this! How about you?

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