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Prima Games just sent out a tweet about the SimCity Prima Games guide available as iBook!

Another hint at the Open for Business store content? Who knows? But SimGuruCopeland (Alan) just posted this screen with two Sims sitting at a table, having a look at the menu cards we also saw in yesterday's screen with Crumplebottom in it. Oh please SimGurus, please please please please please let us have bakeries as well!

What are you doing?? I sure hope you paid for that! #justsomethinimworkingon

The official page on Facebook created an event for The Sims 4 at Gamescom:

So some of us are going to hang out in the loft and write some poetry. You could come along. Or not. It doesn’t really matter. We just thought that since it’s a pretty cool industrial loft, with lots of lofty things, that it might be cool and not at all pretentious. By the way, check out our cool new clothes and hairstyles. They're cool, huh?

Our Industrial Loft set is coming out tomorrow!

I’m super excited about this set! It’s hip and trendy yet casual and laid-back at the same time. Okay, enough with the gushing, here are some photos!



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