Open for Business for Sims 3? New world?

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 18:00

What are you doing?? I sure hope you paid for that! #justsomethinimworkingon

Yesterday SimGuruSmitty (Lisa) posted a screen on Twitter hinting at Open for Business. See the screen above!

Then later on she tweeted in response to other Simmers:

Not saying much but our next world is looking amazing. :P

And today SimGuruCopeland (Alan) posted a screen showing (I think) Crumplebottom sitting at a table, waiting for lunch it seems, with a menu in front of her:

Is it lunchtime yet?

Does this mean we're getting Open for Business after all? It would make my Sims 3 experience complete for sure (along with Into the Future and Movie Stuff of course) :D


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