Cornstalks as outdoor décor (forum request) along with 2 other new items from the Old Mill set! #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Who wants this gorgeous lot (by the crazy talented SimGuruKitty) uploaded to the exchange on Old Mill released day?

Look what’s making it’s L-Shaped return soon! #BringingSexyBack

What a cozy little place to meet for tea. #BrunchAtTheOldMill

What’s the cool new thing is this picture that advanced Builders are gonna LOVE? #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Can some corn or make some relish with the new cucumbers! #LookAtThePrettyLights

We be Jammin’! #SconesNeedJam

The wheel on the Mill goes round and round… #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Rounding the trail to the Old Mill, there’s a picturesque little gate just beyond the pond. #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Find a forgotten path with The Way the Moss Grows Stone Steps. #BrunchAtTheOldMill

Plenty for the kids to do at the World of Wonder with the beautiful new Sands of Time Sandbox!

Will your Sim pick Whack-A-Chicken, Whack-A-Clown or Whack-A-Corndog?

Ah, that crazy Sim-lish.

Beneath that beautiful tent is an not so subtle reference to everyone’s favorite evil chicken.

One week until the release of the brand new World of Wonder venue! #WorldOfWonder

One more picture for the day. With over a dozen pieces, you can make your Big Top Tent your way!

Where will your imagination take you with the Big Time Big Top Tent Building Kit?

I love the new Wonder Wall with green hedge @SimGuruCopeland!



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