Freezer Bunny at Comic Con

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 08:40

If you follow SimGuruRiley on Twitter you may have seen these pics already. We all love Freezer Bunny. And guess who is out and about at Comic Con? Yeah, Freezer Bunny! And SimGuruSteph is also there, so I collected photos/tweets from both of them this time!


Should #FreezerBunny line up at Hall H?


#FreezerBunny #ComicCon2013  more fun from the show floor


#FreezerBunny  just found some fans at #ComicCon2013


#FreezerBunny catches a ride up to Ralphs at #ComicCon2013


#FreezerBunny  headed back out on the show floor of #ComicCon




#FreezerBunny rolling on the show floor of #ComicCon2013


Joining at SDCC! #Freezerbunny meets Catwoman!


#FreezerBunny the city awaits.

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Shannasims (not verified)

Too cute!

Rosana's picture

I know right! :D They should totally create Freezer Bunny merchandising. If they did, I'd buy all of it lol.


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