Freezer Bunny

Even Freezer Bunny's hanging out at the #SimmersMeetup! RT @SamWitts2: Rosana @snw with the famous Freezer Bunny

#Sims #FreezerBunny in my most favorite meeting room evah!

#FreezerBunny with some new wallpaper at the office.

#FreezerBunny in front of our new timeline #sims Special shoutout to @SimGuruRachel and @SimGuruLyndsay

If you follow SimGuruRiley on Twitter you may have seen these pics already. We all love Freezer Bunny. And guess who is out and about at Comic Con? Yeah, Freezer Bunny! And SimGuruSteph is also there, so I collected photos/tweets from both of them this time!


Although not really Sims news, I thought it was really funny that SimGuruRiley is going to Comic Con with Freezer Bunny! See all the fun pics below! Happy



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