Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 00:28

Guess what I just bought? Yeah it's no surprise, the Sims team created this awesome set and I had to have this. Surfing! Woooo! Expect pics soon. Happy

Surf's up! With the Surf's Up Sun and Fun Wave Station you'll be catching waves in no time. Want to look the part as well? New swimming suits, wet suits, and hairstyles will help you perform tricks in style! Now get out there and catch some killer waves!

This set contains one premium item, the Surf’s Up Sun & Fun Wave Station!

The normal price of the set is 1,400 SimPoints, but it's on a discount for 1,200 SimPoints until August 9, 2013. Get it while it's hot!

View and download the Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection


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