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Uncover New Adventures with The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow New World

Are you excited? Weeeee! I am! I am going to have so much fun with the build items from this world. <3 Anyway back to the news. Midnight Hollow is the newest world from The Sims 3 Store. There is a gold version and a standard version. The gold version has a toy shop with a cool toy making machine and of course TOYS! The gold version is 4,350 SimPoints and the standard version is 2,450 SimPoints! If you buy one of the special Midnight Hollow bundles, you will also get 3 exclusive items.

Both SimGuruSmitty and SimGuruCopeland have shared new images from Midnight Hollow. You can check them out below! I loooooove the style in this world. And I think the world looks fab covered in snow. <3

SimCity | Cities of Tomorrow Announce Teaser Trailer

Here is the first official trailer for Cities of Tomorrow. Me likey!

There are three new screens from the upcoming expansion pack Cities of Tomorrow! Check them out! Are you excited yet?

Today EA announced the first expansion pack for SimCity. It's called Cities of Tomorrow and looks promising! Check out the press release:

The Live Broadcast is over, and we have some screens for you from Midnight Hollow! Only a few though, you can see all 161 unsorted screens on our Facebook page. And don't forget to like the page! Happy

The Live Broadcast is over, and I made lots of screenies (118, unsorted)! Check them all out on our Facebook page, and be sure to like our page if you haven't already! Here are a few highlights of the Into the Future screens:

So the Live Broadcast just ended, and I made screens from all the new games and content. Here are a couple of them, from Movie Stuff. You can view the rest of the (114 unsorted) photos on our Facebook page! Be sure to like our page so you don't ever have to miss out on cool stuff!



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