New world Midnight Hollow (Open for Business!)

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 19:34

So my Twitter exploded while I was having dinner. Why? Well EA has posted a video from Midnight Hollow, the upcoming horror/gothic world. And as if it's not amazing enough already, the world offers more. Because your Sims can start their own shops. That's right! It's Open for Business for The Sims 3. Obviously, that's not the name. But that's the name that rings a bell for everyone who played The Sims 2! Now that I know this, September 26 can't come soon enough. Although. I need to start saving for this lol!

Are you excited? Are you going to buy this new world? :D

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theSimGarden (not verified)

This looks great! I am not sure how I will like the new world but the added possibilities for gameplay it going to be awesome.

Rosana's picture

I am so curious about the new world. I kinda like the dark vibe that it has, but I can understand not everyone is into that.

I think the objects also come in handy even if you don't particularly like the world itself. The build stuff, and the buy items... omg.


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