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As part of the Great Holiday Giveaway, the Maxis Team performed a Mid-Winter traditional Simlish song just for our community.

Listen and Check out the lyrics

Sims 2 Players, Tell Us What You Think!

The team at Maxis is constantly focused on making the best, most entertaining games for their fans. Every once in a while, we hold focus groups to give players a chance to provide feedback on the games we are creating. We'll be holding these groups in the San Francisco Bay Area on August 23rd and will be selecting people to participate in the discussions.

A couple of weeks ago Maxis asked the US fans what they wanted to see in the new expansion...

...They suggested a couple of ideas, which people could talk about.

Which expansion would you like best? Join the discussion on the forums and vote on our poll.

The 5 suggestions Maxis made can be found here.

Each one of you probably has their own unique and special story... and we want to hear it. This is your chance to share your Sims biography with Maxis as we endeavor to create a collage of The Sims 2 player biographies.

Fill out your Bio!

Impress the Judges with your film-making talents! Create a film about a Day in the Life of a Student with The Sims 2 and/or The Sims 2; University Expansion Pack for the possible chance to win either $5,000 or a four week position as a Maxis Associate.

Details Here!

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Cheetah from had some time to interview Will Wright at The Sims 2 SimPosium event. Find out what is going on in the mind of our favorite game designer.

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On February 18th, 2005 Maxis held The Sims 2 VIP SimPosium. Fansites from all over the world were invited to Maxis to learn more about The Sims 2 University and to attend classes by The Sims 2 team. Everything about The Sims 2 was discussed and lots of fun was had by all. Check out some video highlights.

The Sims celebrates its five-year anniversary this month, but it all started with a toilet. interviews Will Wright.

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Electronic Arts will be conducting focus groups that will discuss The Sims video games on the evening of Thursday, November 11, in Encino, California. If you own The Sims Bustin Out, The Sims Get A Life, or The Sims 2 and are interested in participating, we invite you to come to our facility for a two-hour group to talk about your experiences with The Sims. If you qualify, the discussion will last approximately two hours and you will be paid $75.



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