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The Sims Studio is hosting the first ever The Sims Town Hall on October 22, 2010. Come join us for game demonstrations and a chance to talk with the development teams of The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 for console, and The Sims Medieval! We’ll be giving away prizes, T-shirts, exciting new info, and more. See the new games from The Sims before anyone else!

And as an added bonus, we’ll be announcing the bonus holiday items will be coming your way for The Sims 3 in December!

Check out The Sims 10th Anniversary podcast featuring Tim LeTourneau, the GM of the Sims division, and Charles London, The Sims Creative Director.

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The Sims series will be 10 years old in February, and we have to celebrate this! A couple of fansites including SimTimes and SimFans have received many cool renders from EA Germany, which fansites and fans can use to create cool stuff. I did not want to skip the 10th birthday of The Sims. So I created a bunch of wallpapers, in pretty much any resolution!

Wishing our community happiness and much SIM'ing in 2010! May your plumbob be platinum!

EA has launched a 2D version of the Spore Creature Creator to promote the upcoming Spore Hero for the Wii, and Spore Hero Arena for the DS. With the flash applet you can create your own creature, using various parts. It's similar to the full 3D version of the Creature Creator, except for the Test Drive mode. This has been changed into a kung-fu game where you train your creature to become great at "Spore-Fu". By swinging your creature's limbs you destroy incoming targets, gain points and proceed through the levels.

News got out this week that several people at Maxis were laid off last Wednesday, in order to "focus the business" and to "focus Maxis." While the studio will remain committed to the Spore franchise - with Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena as main upcoming games - they will have to move on with less people on the team. An EA spokesperson says this is more or less natural fluctuation of a games studio's size, which depends on business conditions. All layoffs are said to have taken place at the Emeryville based headquarters of Maxis.

This Sporeday Maxis announced that they're taking questions for Chris Seifert, Audio Recording Engineer at Maxis. In the past he worked on Sims products, before the work he's done for Maxis in the past 2 years. For Galactic Adventures he has recorded all creature voices, all with an all new language for their emotions. You can ask Chris about his job or technical things about sound recording. You can submit your question until the 18th in this forum topic.

I got a mail from Caryl Shaw about Online Accounts.

Lucy and I made a post to the Spore forums and I wanted to share the
information more broadly since I assume you all are seeing this issue
out there in your communities.

I'm trying to answer questions within the forum post so the information
can be shared.

Thank you all for your continued support - and we hope you are having
fun with the game.

- Caryl

You can read the forum post by clicking on Read More, as I included it in this news post. You can also read it on the official Spore forum by clicking here.

EA has emailed me about DRM in Spore to explain what it is and why they are implementing this in Spore. A lot of questions get answered so it's a good read.

It's pretty long so I've added it to the Read More below.

Make your own Spore creatures, bring them to life, then share with your friends!

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