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Last week was Camp EA and Press from all over the world were invited to EA to preview our latest games. Here are some previews of The Sims GBA, Makin' Magic, and Rush Hour.

Makin' Magic

Maxis will be taking a break during the holidays but we will be back on January 9th of 2003!
Happy Holidays from Maxis. =)

Computer Games magazine is featuring a cover story about The Sims phenomena. They have several articles that talk about The Sims Online (with screenshots), The Sims community and fansites, a history of Maxis games, speaking Simlish, SimCity 4 (with screenshots), an interview with Will Wright, and an interesting article about who is playing The Sims. Get your copy today!

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Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) today announced that the long-awaited 4th generation of the PC game SimCity™, SimCity™ 4, is in development at the company's Walnut Creek-based Maxis(tm) studio.

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Meier's accomplishments are simply some of the greatest games ever coded

Wright made gaming history when he started to think of video games as "toys" rather than "win-or-lose" affairs

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We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website. The Story Exchange and the Course Exchange will open on very soon, so get your stories and courses ready to upload so you can share them with the world! You can also register your copy of Sid Meier's SimGolf in the Registration area, which will give you access to chat, the BBS, and all downloads. So please take a moment to register and when you're done, you can enjoy all of the features our new site has to offer.

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We would like to announce that we are getting many reports that the patch is causing problems for some of our users. We thoroughly tested the patch before we released this to the community and found it to solve many previously reported issues. We are looking into the problems posted and are listening to your concerns. We will let you know within a few days if we think this is something we can help you fix either with an update to the patch or directions on how to avoid the problems you are experiencing.

The new PC title from legendary game designer Sid Meier and Maxis lets players build their very own golf resort empire.

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Everyone loves kissing under Mistletoe, especially Sims. As a holiday present from Maxis to the best fans anywhere, please enjoy this fun holiday download.

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Download Holiday Mistletoe (105 Kb)

TheSims team and the website will be taking a short break during the holidays. Updates will continue January 10th. Happy Holidays from Maxis!



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