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This week we have Five New Skins and Four New Wall Lights -- all created by your friendly Maxis Artists.

Check out's "Sim Sweepstakes" on Monday for a chance to have Maxis' Artists render you as a Sim.

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Luc Barthelet writes about SimCity 3000 and The Sims.

Check out the All Games Network for a video demo of The Sims. Maxis' PR Manager Patrick Buechner will explain it all!

All Games Network Demo

Will Wright will be chating on January 20, 10 a.m., PST. invites you to" with Will Wright, chief game designer for Maxis, creators of SimCity, about his new game The Sims." Chat Calendar

What a great SimDay! Luc Barthelet, General Manager of Maxis stopped by to talk, joke and answer your questions. Keep your eyes and ears open for more "Special Guest Chats." I see Will Wright in your future.

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Strategy Gaming posted an Interview with Luc Barthelet, general manager of Maxis.
Read the interview with Luc on Strategy Gaming, or click read more below this post to read it here!

Yesterday, April 1st, was taken over by Sims promoting the upcoming game The Sims. Now Luc Barthelet has published a statement on the SimCity website. Click read more to read it!




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