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Greetings Sim Fans,

Are you actually reading this? Shouldn't you be playing The Sims 2?

Well, if you insist on continuing to read this missive, I suppose I'll continue.

We actually had the opportunity to visit with Maxis vice president Lucy Bradshaw earlier today, who explained that using different objects or gestures in certain combinations may yield "interesting" results that weren't intuitively obvious?

Have A Seat With Lucy And GameSpot

Ever wonder what its like to be the General Manager of Maxis? Meet Maxis' Neil Young in the chat transcripts!

Read The Transcripts!

Ever wonder what its like to be the General Manager of Maxis? Well you can find out next Friday, June 2nd! Meet Maxis’ Neil Young live in chat next Friday from 3:30 – 4:30pm PST!

With a release date officially announced (Sept. 17th, FYI) and the game-tastic Electronic Entertainment Expo in full swing, The Sims 2 has been popping up all over lately. Check out some of the Sims 2 articles and interviews below.

Hi Everyone!

The coming week is a major milestone for The Sims 2, and things have hotted up here in the Maxis office! The entire Sims 2 team is focused with a laser-like clarity on making sure that The Sims 2 demo that the public sees at next week's vast landscape of video gaming bliss, The Electronic Entertainment Expo, stands heads, shoulders, and plumb-bob's above the competition! Stay tuned for more information on interviews with yours truly on IGN, and a live interview with The Man Behind The Curtain, Will Wright, on Gamespot

Maxis is moving this week from Walnut Creek to Redwood Shores, and as it happens I am also personally moving to new endeavors. Since I have kept all of you in the loop on everything that happens at Maxis, I wanted to make sure you knew it first before any public announcement in the next few weeks.

There will be no SimDay next week due to the fact that Maxis is moving to EA's Redwood City campus. However, SimDay will return the following Thursday, April 1st where we plan on providing a slew of truthful, honest information.



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