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Monday, August 1, 2005 - 23:00

A couple of weeks ago Maxis asked the US fans what they wanted to see in the new expansion...

...They suggested a couple of ideas, which people could talk about.

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The 5 suggestions Maxis made can be found here.

The ideas are:

The Sims 2: Trip of a lifetime
Take your Sims to exotic destinations around the world, or send them on trip to their favorite holiday destination in their very own car. Now the can travel to a tropical beach, mountain getaway, and visit a famous, world-class city.

The Sims 2: Run Your Own Sims Business
Now our Sims can run their own home business via the internet selling crafted goods or create their own brick & mortar store downtown. Layout your store to best entice your customers, and craft your goods to meet their demands! Sell paintings, furniture, books, music, clothes, food or even run a nightclub or restaurant!

The Sims 2: Movie director
Use new objects, clothing, and building elements to create the cast and set the stage to film movies using The Sims 2. Create realistic human dramas, sci-fi, western or even your own comedies.

The Sims 2: Spooked & Haunted
Create the ultimate haunted neighborhood for your Sims. Build scary mansions with haunted pictures, heads in jars, doppelganger mirrors and more. You can even make your own scary characters such as Werewolves, Ghosts, Monsters, and Witches. Who has the spookiest house in the hood?

The Sims 2: Do it yourself
For the first time your Sims can create their own furniture, decorations and even their own clothing. Take them from apprentice to skilled master by building up their creative skills at making their own, unique items. Success can result in even more customization options and special rewards for their creative projects. Watch as they gain notoriety, influence over others Sims and can demand top Simoleans for their prized masterpieces.

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These names are ideas from Maxis, but aren't confirmed decisions for a new expansion pack.

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