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Many of you recently got The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection through Origin. This is a wonderful collection. For many of you, a pack full of free games too, as you only needed just one Sims game to be eligible!

However, I tried to play my old saved game (neighbourhood), and it didn't work. I refused to lose it and start over fresh, because I had been playing with this specific neighbourhood since ~2007. And I had several legacies and established families in that neighbourhood.

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EA has released a page with FAQ about The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection

I got an email saying I would get a copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, but I can’t find it in my library?
The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is going out to players right now. Everyone who had a digital copy of The Sims 2 will find the Ultimate Collection in their library within the next 5 days. Just log in to Origin and visit your My Games library.

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I received an e-mail today about The Sims 2 on my Origin account and how it will be no longer be supported in the future. Not to worry, cause they aren't taking it away completely. They will replace it with The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection. 

Dear Origin gamer, 

Which celebrities have you created in The Sims?

Did you see the new wallpapers? I made two sets of wallpapers for my lovely readers/followers/friends!

SimGuruDelsyn tweeted this the other day and it made me laugh. 21 Ways The Sims lied to you about your future home. I actually have a shirt that says "will sell window for food" xD

EA released this article, so I decided to post it. Not sure what we're supposed to do with this haha.

Whether in a mystery box, tree house or even a time machine, Sims sure know how to have a good time in a variety of locations.

We count down the best places to “WooHoo” in The Sims games to see where the horny little simulated beings are getting crazy and kinky lately. From hot tubs to haystacks, your Sim baby-making locations have only gotten more exciting. What locations are your favorites?

The Sims franchise celebrates its 12 year anniversary!

Happy birthday to The Sims! The Sims franchise celebrates another milestone and wants to share some fun facts and a special birthday mosaic that many of you contributed to. Check out the infographic below. Here's to another great year and playing with life!

Probably the last holiday wallpaper set this year. Wink Enjoy!

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New wallpapers, again for the holiday season! Enjoy! Wink

Winter Wonderland Merry Christmas happy holidays wallpaper xmas 2011




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