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Congrats to TheTEXASKITTYKAT and Dubawesomegtr who were randomly selected to receive the Nostalgia packages from the comment giveaway! Thank you all for participating! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway!

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Our Youtube Channel is hosting another giveaway! Subscribe and comment on the Machinima Artist Spotlight Faalq - Kokoro (Heart) video for a chance to receive one of these nostalgia packages!

The giveaway has ended! Thank you for supporting our channel and helping us reach 110K Subscribers! Go to our YouTube to view the list of random recipients who were chosen to receive The Sims goodies.

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We are hosting another Youtube Subscriber Giveaway and this time we are giving away 2 Ultimate Nostalgia The Sims packages and 10 other The Sims goodies bundles! Subscribe to our channel and post a channel comment for a chance to be picked to receive one of these goodies packages! The giveaway ends at 110,000 Subscribers. Feel free to come back daily and post channel comments to increase your chances.

Stare above a friend's head mid-conversation and pretend there is a Plumbob Event

Join us on Facebook for this awesome Event! During a conversation with your friends, break eye contact and slowly move your eyes towards the space above his head and pretend there's a Plumbob there. Let us know what their reactions are and/or takes photos and videos.

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Last set of wallpapers for now... This is my favorite; cute toddler with bunny plush and a snowman!

More wallpapers for the holidays! This set has a cute snowman!

Another set of new holiday wallpapers! It's Sim-Santa!

I wasn't really planning on uploading anything new this Christmas, but Hiki from Sims 3 Nieuws asked me if I didn't have something for this years Christmas. So I edited a couple of old, unfinished works. Took some time to create all those resolutions, but it's worth it in the end! More to come!

Ever wanted to make your own Plumbob? Go to our Facebook page and print out the Plumbob Papercraft template! You can make green, red, or print out the white one and color it in yourself! Share your photos with the rest of the community in our social networks.

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