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"Without a doubt, The Sims 2 will be one of the biggest gaming events of the year when it is released in September. The sequel to one of the most successful games of all time, The Sims 2 is more than just a graphical upgrade of the original game."

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Hello Everybody:

Week after week, I provide you with the scoop on The Sims 2, which means that, week after week, you're only getting my perspective on a project that requires the constant attention and dedication of literally hundreds of individuals.

We have opened a new Goodies section and posted new wallpapers for you! Now you can decorate you desktop in style with The Sims 2.

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How do Sims flirt? Here is a video teaching you how it's done, the wrong way.

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We got a new logo and have updated the site to match! We have also updated the fan site kit so you can have a copy of the new logo.

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You probably have wishes and dreams and aspirations of your own. Check out these Sims living out their aspirations.

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We will be conducting focus groups to discuss The Sims 2 on the evening of Wednesday, June 16, in Sunnyvale, California.
If you own The Sims on PC and are interested in participating, please email your name & phone number to: and mention The Sims groups. An independent research group will then contact you to discuss the details, as needed to select the final participants.

Bizarre Love Triangle
E3 attendees were entertained with a fun hands-on demo of The Sims 2 revealing a sneak peek into a moment in the life of Sim, Don Baxter.

Don's life aspiration is Romance, whereas his wife Sarah's goal is Family. Don's old flame Dina is at Don's son's birthday party, and ol' Don just wants to talk, flirt and more with his old heartthrob. The party gets sticky when Sarah's sister catches Don "cozying up" to Dina back in the quiet cabana. Sarah's sister dutifully defends her honor and that's when things get really fun.



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