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Game reviewers were invited to EA last week for EA's Hot Summer Nights. See what they had to say after spending some time with The Sims 2 and don't miss the video interview with Lucy Bradshaw!

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We put together a special page of pictures just for you!

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Vanaf 26 juli ligt het nieuwste nummer van de Power Unlimited, het populairste spellentijdschrift in de Benelux, in de winkels. In dit nieuwste nummer lees je alles over De Sims 2. En op kun jij als eerste al zien hoe het nieuwste nummer er uit gaat zien want wij hebben de cover al binnen!

Power Unlimited is het eerste spellenblad in de Benelux dat De Sims 2 al exclusief heeft kunnen spelen op het Nederlandse EA kantoor. Tijdens het bezoek hebben ze het spel flink kunnen testen, iets waarover je alles terug kunt lezen.

GameSpot has posted an updated Impressions preview.

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"It used to be that 'girls were coming and spoiling the fun.' Now it's like, 'Gosh, how can we get more women?'" said Sony's Ray.

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Ectoplasmic entities can often be a bit much for Sims with a weaker constitution. If your Sim isn’t up to the task of ghost-hunting, he or she may just get a scare so powerful it could end their life! If you think you can handle it, then follow the link, but remember, you have been warned!

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EA Announces The Sims 2 Special Limited Edition DVD Available Through Pre-order Sale. The DVD includes full version of the PC game plus exciting bonus content including expert tips and film making 101.

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