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While October grabs all the ghoulish infamy, the summer months are an underappreciated bastion of night-time scares. Who among us hasn't sat around a campfire at one point or another, s'mores held in trembling hands, while someone spins a creepy yarn about the restless undead?

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"The Sims 2 is an exponential expansion on the original's hugely successful formula."

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Electronic Arts will be conducting focus groups that will discuss The Sims video games on the evening of Monday, July 12, in San Francisco, California.

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Ever wonder what its like to be the General Manager of Maxis? Meet Maxis' Neil Young in the chat transcripts!

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A Sim with a high Aspiration score will not only have unique behaviors, other Sims will respond differently to them in certain cases and they will be able to use reward objects that help them on other fronts in the game.

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Liven it up with the Green Bedroom set, now available for download.

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The features you've been waiting for! Now you can log in, expand your search, download and rate your Sims at The Sims 2 Showcase!

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