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Get your screenshot fix with juggling bikini babes, newlyweds kissing on the alter, a BBQ romance and more fun with the obstacle course.

Take me to the Sims2.

"The best part is that the camera is extremely flexible, giving you a possibility to set the tone of the in-game atmosphere to your preference."

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Hello everyone,

Happy 2004! We hope that your holiday season was enjoyable and that you're set for another exciting new year. The team has been hard at work adding new features to the game, which you might have already started to read about in the most recent Designer Diary. But of course we saved the best info for our community members:

"Playing The Sims 2 in camera mode is a revelation. You feel like you are there." - Lucy Bradshaw, VP of PC development.

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Kissing, spying, a cheerleader obstacle course, helicopters, dorm rooms, and Sims getting busted are all just part of another day here at

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