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The prolific BBS story writer, Pavlov_dog, regularly peers into her crystal ball for insights on us Maxoids and some delicious recipes. These posts are too good to go unrecognized, so to day we share them with you!

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What would you like to see in the Sims2 game?

Contribute Your Rhyme! just added a new filmstrip, screenshots and a Newsletter Archive.

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Hello Everyone!

We have had another exciting week here at Maxis. Winter still has its grips on us, but we are starting to feel the call of Spring and the promise of romance that's in the air.

In The Sims 2 you can find love for your Sims in many exciting ways and surprising places. This telling filmstrip depicts a lonely woman looking for love and finding it right in front of her observant eyes. Watch as she gazes through the telescope to spy on the handsome guy next door before she makes her move. Take a look for yourself here:

After poring through stories of dates dripping with romance and others tainted with disaster, we've selected the winners of the "Great Dates And Dates To Hate" Valentines Day contest.

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The New and Improved The Sims Online experience gives you and your friends more of your favorite characters and interaction. Download the free trial at!

GameSpy is running a competition for the greatest game of all time! It's The Sims vs. SimCity 2000 in the first round. Voting ends at noon PST Friday, February 27, so act now!

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Art Directors Bob King and Dave Patch join us in chat today to tell us about being an artist in the game industry.

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Have you ever kissed up someone's arm? Or maybe put a tender kiss on their cheek? Find out how Sims work their magic!

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Hello Everyone!

After the big news about Maxis moving last week and a fun Valentine weekend we are back to the grindstone on The Sims 2.

The old adage that clothes make the person may be true, but living spaces speak volumes about an individual as well. For The Sims 2, we're going out of our way to ensure that fans of the game have the power to create interiors that perfectly capture the mood, taste, and persona of the Sims who live there.



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