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Maxis Kitty tells us how she selects the Maxis Pick each week.

Tell Me About It!

4 new slices of life have been added to the screenshots area. Becoming wealthy sure does pay off!

Show Me The Good Life!

"Another new mode dubbed camera mode, provides you with the opportunity to travel all over the game environment as if you were a Sim."

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Maxis is putting it’s nose to the grindstone working on The Sims 2, so starting this week Sim Chats will occur every other week. Tune in Thurs February 26 at 3pm PST for the next Sims Chat!

The Sims 2

Maxis wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

We've received lots of fabulous entries, but we've noticed some entries are missing URL's to their family albums. If you make a submission, please remember to cut-n-paste your URL correctly so we can locate your story!

Find Out How To Cut-n-Paste A URL.

In this newly added filmstrip, two sims find chemistry at the hippest store in town. But can their money buy them love?

Take Me To The Strip!

When we asked, hypothetically, what the headline on the first sim daily newspaper in Sims2 should be, we got some silly answers!

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