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Get the low-down on the Black Eyed Peas, and check out new screenshots, movies, bios and more showcasing The Peas in action!

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Get a preview of The Sims 2 DVD Edition. See interviews with Lucy Bradshaw, Tim LeTourneau, Matt Brown, Brian Deppiesse and Charles London.

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GameSpy has posted their preview of The Sims 2! They have also posted Spy Eyes for the Sim Guys where they take an unsuspecting -- and often unwilling -- Sim and turn him into the man he knows he could be if he wasn't who he actually is.

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Spy Eyes For The Sim Guys

The athletes over in Athens aren't the only people winning gold medals these days... the team behind the award-winning The Sims 2 have reason to celebrate -- the game has gone gold and is set to be in stores by September 17th.

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Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that award-winning composer Mark Mothersbaugh is the composer of the theme music for the highly-anticipated simulation game, The Sims™ 2.

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Greetings, Sims fans:

The blooper reel is a long-standing tradition of TV and Film. A serious actor might spectacularly flub his lines, or a boom mic might drop on someone's head. The cast and crew all get a hearty chuckle for a few moments, and then it's back to business as usual. Any production is going to encounter their fair share of gaffes, and some of these prove to be so compelling that they're often compiled and tacked on to the closing credits to give the audience a few additional laughs and a look at the lighter side of the process.

"I just can't think of a single moment that has not been fun."

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Thank You to everyone that showed up to our chat event. If you were unable to make it, we have posted the transcripts for you.

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Introducing Strangetown’s very own Nervous Subject. Watch as he struggles to get through Friday the 13th unscathed. Even for this hapless Sim, who is regularly treated to cruel and unusual experiments by the Beaker Family (all in the name of science, and the occasional odd spot of fun), the trials of Friday the 13th may prove to be too much.

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The Sims 2

A new screenshot from EA Spain.



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