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Mix their genes, evolve their family tree and live the life of their dreams! Find out what The Sims 2 has in store for your Sims!

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Ever wonder what its like to be the General Manager of Maxis? Well you can find out next Friday, June 2nd! Meet Maxis’ Neil Young live in chat next Friday from 3:30 – 4:30pm PST!

A tried and true Romance Sim wants to find love as much as possible, and damn the consequences! Check out Donnie on his path through life!

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Greetings, Sims fans,

How you doin'? My, you look nice today! Did you lose weight? And your eyes - I never noticed how beautiful they are! Perhaps we could retire to some place quiet and talk about it some more...

Do you want to start making hair for your Sims but you're feeling kinda lazy? Check out this awesome community-made tutorial to get you started.

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The Sims Resource is looking for clothing items created in BodyShop that sport the color schemes and logos of The Sims 1 and the Expansion Packs. Check out the rules and start making clothes!

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What are aspirations? How many hats is enough for a Producer on The Sims 2? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

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