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We've got a hilarious new MTV video for you! Dolores stuns the acting world with the raw power of her performance. Missed the ads on MTV? No problem! Check them out right here.

Ever have one of those parties where everyone on the planet shows up? We're having the website equivalent right now. The response to has been overwhelming - literally! We're working on increasing our capacity, but until that's done, there will be some brief outages from time to time while we give our servers a chance to catch up. We won't have more than 10 of these outages any given day, and each one only lasts 5-10 minutes. So if the site appears to be down, don't panic, just try back in a few minutes. Thanks!

Just like the MTV ads promise, you can put these guys right into your game! One easy download gets you all seven of the characters you've seen on TV.

MTV Skins for The Sims

Download MTV Skins (520 Kb)

That's right! We've now sold over a million copies of the Sims. Our thanks to all of you who told a friend what a great time you're having! Support groups for Sims addicts should be forming shortly...

Elwood leads off our month-long series of great new Sims ads on MTV. Catch the hilarious video or download Elwood right into your game!

The Sims is getting some airtime! We're sponsoring MTV's Wanna Be a VJ contest on the last two weekends of April. We're also airing a series of hilarious new ads on MTV all this month! If you miss them on the air, we'll have them here for you to download. As Elwood says, "Fan-tastic!"

The moment you've all been waiting for - the winners of the first Simmys! Check out the best stories on the Exchange. No need to surf, we've got them all right here!

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You asked for it, you got it - an update to the game! It fixes bugs, improves gameplay, whitens teeth and freshens your breath! Well, okay, the patch doesn't do EVERYthing, but it's still pretty good. Come and get it! (For a faster download, go to the Start menu, under Program Files, under Maxis, under The Sims, and choose Check for patches.)

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Reporter Sacha Segan of states "Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are becoming addicted to making another person pee regularly, eat healthily and get to work on time. No, this isn’t marriage. It’s the nation’s hottest video game, The Sims ..."

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Forget the Oscars, the Simmys are here! We've looked at over 4000 of your stories, and found the best in each category. This SimDay, treat yourself to a visit with the Simmy Nominees!

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