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Maxis has taken the justifiable leap and created a new sim that promises to have the town-building fun of SimCity and the personal touches that made the Sims so damn enthralling....Now it looks as if we have the best of all Sim worlds with the upcoming release of SimsVille next year. With its personal but wide look at the life of a town with its bustling grocery stores, tennis courts and city halls, SimsVille is that perfect mid-magnified look at life in the Sims universe.

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This year's E3 Conference - an annual grandoise spectacle of the video gaming industry held this year in Los Angeles - has come to an end. But not before's Yoru Hikage managed to snap 19 more pictures of Maxis' booth for us! I'd like to again thank Yoru for going out of his way to get over fifty pictures and video of Maxis' area of the E3 floor.

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What a great SimDay! Will Wright, creator of The Sims stopped by to talk, joke and answer your questions. Keep your eyes and ears open for more "Special Guest Chats."

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The moment you've all been waiting for -- the winners of the Slum Lord contest! View the best of the worst homes on the Exchange.

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For a chance to learn the nuances of Scenario Creation, check out an Unlimited Scenario script for London Fires. By studying this Maxis-made gem you will learn the tricks needed in creating your very own Scenario.

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GameSpot has posted a Q&A preview of SimsVille! There's also a screenshot!

Gamecenter has written a report about SimsVille! Go check it out, or click read more below this post to read the report on our website.

DailyRadar also has a small preview from The Sims Livin' Large. Click read more below to read it on our website.

IGN has posted a preview about The Sims Livin' Large, with screenshots, though these have already been posted through the GameSpot preview. Click read more to read the preview.

Gamecenter has written a report about The Sims Livin' Large on E3 2000. Click read more to read the report on our site!



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