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We have added a new tutorial to the SimCity 3000 Unlimited Tips and Tricks area to help you create your own details in BA Plus.

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Your Sim's den definitely needs this charming memento of the long-gone SimCity hockey team, the Flamingos. Download it today!

Flamingo Light
Hockey fans will surely miss the SimCity Flamingos, but their neon bar light makes a fine memento.
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Last week's chat with Will Wright went very well - over 2000 questions were asked! Will didn't get to them all, but we have everything he said right here.

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Here is a special letter to all Sim fans world-wide.
This means you!

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If your German-style Cities are missing that special touch, check out the Hopfengarten Landmark. A genuine Bavarian beer garden is just what your Sims need -- so make sure you have plenty of public transportation and download this watering hole to enhance all of your favorite Cities.

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That's right! Aspyr is bringing The Sims to the Mac. Check out the latest info on the upcoming Mac version of The Sims!

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Will Wright will be interviewed by Sam Donaldson on, May 31 at aproximately 9:15am, PST. Realplayer is needed for viewing the live Webcast.

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There is no doubt in our minds that Simsville, Maxis' latest addition to its venerable Sim legacy, was one of the best games of E3 and will be an important title to follow this year.

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What do you get when you combine the building elements of "SimCity" with people management from the "The Sims?" The answer, of course, is "SimsVille". This upcoming game from Electronic Arts is a micromanager's heaven, with a goal to create a vibrant city while enriching its residents' lives at the same time.

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Maxis has combined it two best-selling franchises, SimCity and The Sims, in this new game... Even at this early stage, the game looks amazing.

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