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We've got a bunch of great new skins for you! Your Sims will be turning some heads in the neighborhood with these eye-catching new looks.

Physical Skins:
Give your Sims a total body makeover with some very special new skins for your game. You have to see these to believe them! Just download the file to your desktop, then double-click the icon to install them.

Download Physical Skins (1.05 Mb)

The entries are in! A distinguished panel of Maxis judges, including Will Wright, are evaluating your stories. We'll announce the nominees in each category this SimDay. It's going to be tough to judge this one -- we received a lot of great stories. Thanks to all who entered!

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ZDNet recently interviewed Will Wright as part of their "big thinkers" series. Some great insights into The Sims, SimCity 3000, and the mind behind them!

Check out the ZDNet Inteview

This SimDay, put a few Party Balloons out and get ready for the ultimate Spring Break party! Sims can't resist a party, and Party Balloons out front tell the whole neighborhood where the fun is.

Download Party Balloons (154 Kb)

"This morning, Maxis announced the development of SimCity 3000 Unlimited, the follow-up to last year's second-best-selling game and highest-grossing title of 1999..."

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New Asian building sets. New European building sets. New toxic cloud disaster.

Reporter Amer Ajami of states "The life simulator from Electronic Arts went on sale one month ago and has since remained the top-selling game..."

Go to said "... The Sims is the most amusing rendering of digital life gamers have ever seen."

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Get ready for a whole new look for your yard and home! We've put together a set of new plants for all you gardeners and landscapers. Hop over to the downloads section and get them today!

New Plants
We expand your landscaping options with these new plants from the Maxis art team.
Download Plants (352 Kb)

Some marriages skip over that "honeymoon period" and go straight to open combat. Check out our new comic.

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Our latest free game download is one of our favorites. The irresistible little guinea pig plays, eats and runs in his wheel! Just a little food, play and frequent cage cleaning is all your new furry friend needs.

Download Guinea Pig (1.5 Mb)



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