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The Sims production team has been hard at work brainstorming, creating and building downloadable fun! This SimDay we are giving you 5 new homes and a Slot Machine to be added to your game.

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Today we're announcing a whole new section on -- The Sims Exchange! When it goes live, owners of The Sims will be able to Teleport their Families, Houses and Albums to the Exchange, as well as search, browse and download new Families into their own Neighborhoods.

Will Wright is everywhere! Check out what he had to say about The Sims on Interview

Luc Barthelet writes about SimCity 3000 and The Sims.

Check out the All Games Network for a video demo of The Sims. Maxis' PR Manager Patrick Buechner will explain it all!

All Games Network Demo

Want to change your image? Today we are giving you a facelift. With "FaceLiftBeta," our new Sims face generator, you will be able to generate new heads and export them into your game.

FaceLift Gold--Beta and FaceLift--Beta

Ever think about Sim cloning yourself? Our new comic has a character who does just that.

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That was a great Chat! Will Wright creator of "The Sims" stopped by to answer your questions. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Did you miss the Chat with Will on See what Will had to say... "We're spending most of our efforts right now on making cool downloadable tools for the Sims." Transcripts

Is homework getting you down? Can't stay focused? Neither can our character in "Make the Grounds, Make the Grade."

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