News Archive - 2000 said " ... just as in the real world, there isn't enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done, so you must be extremely frugal with how your Sims spend their free time." Review gave The Sims a 5 out of 5, stating " ... The game is so unique, so simple to understand, so easy to play and utterly enjoyable. It's destined to be a massive hit." Review

This week we have Five New Skins and Four New Wall Lights -- all created by your friendly Maxis Artists.

Our new contest is up and running! The theme: Valentine's Day. Your mission: Create a romantic couple, by February 15.

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Bored at work or home? Try listening to TechtalkRadio's coverage of The Sims.

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The Sims in the San Francisco Chronicle ... "The Sims lets control freaks run characters' everyday lives."

San Francisco Chronicle

Reporter Anita Hamilton takes you through the lives of her Sims in Time Magazine's February 7 issue. Want to check out The Sims on

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Check out's review by reporter Ryan Thompson. Ryan says he "uses his godlike authority to create a better, stronger, single male..."

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First Impressions: The Sims (PC)

Brief: How does it feel to finally have a life?

Check out's "Sim Sweepstakes" on Monday for a chance to have Maxis' Artists render you as a Sim.

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The Sims received's highest rating: a Direct Hit. Read the full review.

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