Mid-Century Home Kauhale Makai

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 18:21


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Kauhale Makai is a mid-century home perfect for a tropical location such as Sunlit Tides or Isla Paradiso!

The back yard is large and has entertainment for every age! There is as a large pool, patio furniture, hot tub, a tree house, a trampoline, clothing line, a swing set for two, a seesaw and a sandbox. The lot is decorated with a lot of green. Many trees, shrubs, rocks and flowers. Even on the roofs and roof trellis. Finally there is a shed, where you can put anything you like, bicycles, old furniture, an art room? It's all up to you!

Inside the house, on the first floor, you will find a cozy living room with fireplace, an open dining room that also leads to the kitchen, and has a small office corner in between. Next to the kitchen is the downstairs bathroom with toilet, sink and mirror. There is also a garage and a driveway.

Upstairs you will find a blocks/drawing table for the young ones. There is a master bedroom with additional bathroom. There is one room for kids or teens (suitable for 2 if you move some stuff around). And there is also a nursery, for the tiny tots. There is one more bathroom for the kids which they have to share with each other. And lastly there is a nice entertainment room with an arcade machine, chess table, easel and a guitar. 

This house uses most of the expansion packs up until The Sims 3: Seasons. And some stuff packs. I also used a lot of official store content. Mostly the mid-century sets, and the Christmas tree. I think the telephone in the living room is an incentive store item from The Sims 3: Generations.

The file was checked with Delphy's Custard and came out safe and clean on my end. So it should be safe for you as well. As always, download at your own risk!

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