Victorian Dream

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 00:44


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This house was made for Midnight Hollow, but it might fit in other worlds as well. Mind you, you do need the Midnight Hollow world, because I used a lot of walls and objects from that world. I have no idea if the game will replace the items, refuse to install it or even crash it. So make sure you have Midnight Hollow if you decide to install this house. Furthermore I used a lot of free sets from the store. Mostly the Halloween and Thanksgiving sets. 

Outdoors there is a driveway and a pumpkin patch. Small stairs will lead your Sim to the house. The hallway will get you to several rooms. The salon with the grand piano, the living room, the staircase that goes upstairs, and a bookcase with a hidden area behind it (going downstairs, to the basement). The living room has a big tv, old fashioned radio, a domino table, and a bookcase. From the living room you can go to the study. The study has a fireplace, a desk, a grandfather clock, and a hutch. From the study you can enter the relatively small kitchen. Next is the dining room, with room for 6, and a baby or toddler. Finally there is a small bar area with a kiddie oven in the corner as well. There is a small lavatory downstairs. The back porch has a easel, a chess table, and several planters for your gardening Simmies.

The basement has several skill objects such as the bonehilda coffin, chemical lab, inventors workbench, sculpting station, and a pool table.

On the first floor there are 5 bedrooms. One master bedroom, one room with double bed suitable for most ages, a bedroom with two single beds, a bedroom with one single bed, and finally a nursery for the little ones. There are 4 bathrooms. The large one also has a washing room attached to it.

The second floor has several hobby rooms, a magic room, and a hidden room - though there is nothing in there, but you can put something there. Cool for storytelling.

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