Mid-Century Home "Long Beach"

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 00:51


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Nice mid-century style home for a small family. Has a living room with fireplace, a luxurious study, a large kitchen with breakfast/dining area and a bar and a decent sized bathroom with shower/bath tub. Upstairs there are two bedrooms. One master bedroom, another bedroom large enough for at least 2, a bathroom with laundry section, bath tub and separate shower cabinet. Outside you'll find a garage with a driveway  and space for 2 bicycles. The house has a terrace with matching furniture and a barbecue as well. This house can easily be made child- and pet friendly!

Although a lot of expansion packs and store content has been used, you can probably install it if you don't own these items. Beware though, that the entire mid-century and loungy feel will disappear without these items! I have used almost all the items from the Mid-Century store sets and a couple of items from the Lucky Palms world. I did not use any stuff pack items.

I checked the lot with Delphy's Custard program and it showed no bad content. Should be safe! Still though, download at your own risk!

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