Mid-Century Modern Pleasantview

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 21:51


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So I went to play The Sims 2 again the other day. As always I couldn't resist building a house. Aaaaand I somehow ended up with a mid-century modern house in The Sims 2 lol. I built it in Pleasantview, hence the name.

This mid-century house has no real hallway. You enter the house and have the kitchen and dining area on the left, a small office on the right and if you go straight ahead you'll end up in the living room area. It's all open plan, though it is divided by some neat windows. The living room has a sofa and two loveseats, a fireplace, a coffee table, a cat scratch pole and two bookcases. The office has a desk with phone (no computer because, yeah, mid-century lol), and a pet bed in the corner. The kitchen has all the necessities, a dining area for 4 people and one high chair. There is also a small entertainment area in the back of the house, with a piano, easel and some children's toys. The downstairs bathroom has a toilet, sink with mirror, and a litter bin for cats. Yes, it's a pet friendly house. Because there is also a dog house in front of the house. Down the back of the house is a telescope. Bring on the aliens!

Upstairs there is another big entertainment room with pool table and violin. But you can easily make this into a huge bedroom. There is a master bedroom, a kids (or teen) bedroom and a nursery. Another bathroom, complete with toilet, sink, mirror, shower/tub combination and a little potty for the toddlers. The hallway has some hobby items like the sewing machine, pottery table and chess table. And the last and final room has fitness equipment!

I did not use any CC. Currently my game is completely vanilla. Still a good idea to check any files you put in your game!

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