The Arbuckle Residence (Garfield's House)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 23:51


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Ever wanted to live in a cartoony house? Well, this has been bugging me for so long. I wanted to recreate the house where the fat, orange cat lives. The one with the clueless guy and the doofus dog? Yes, I'm talking about Garfield's house. Now, Jon, Garfield, and Odie don't actually live here. But you could try creating them yourself. And if I have some time later this week I will attempt to create them again. I've created Garfield for The Sims 2 once. However The Sims 3 doesn't allow for cartoony characters to be honest. Well back to the house!

The house has a driveway and a garage. The garage is filled with stuff, completely unorganised as a garage usually is, right? When you open the front door you walk straight into a hallway. On the left you can choose to go upstairs or go downstairs to the basement. Straight ahead is the living room. And on the right is the door that allows access to the garage. In the living room you have access to the kitchen, and from there you can either go outside to the backyard, or go to the garage. The backyard has a fountain, a relaxing chair and a shed. The shed has some shelves with clutter on them.

Upstairs you'll find a hallway that leads into the bedroom, bathroom, and Jon's office. The basement has simply one room, which is mainly where you can do the laundry.

Now I've watched a lot of episodes to get this right. However you will find some odd things. I've not used all the space simply because it didn't add up with the show. I have placed a fireplace like in the show. But since the house in the show did not show a chimney, I've hidden the chimney underneath the roof. So it's functional, but hidden. The basement supposedly is so long it runs underneath the road. That's not possible in The Sims 3, so I opted to only build the one room I actually saw on the show, and not add another room. Even though there is something more in the basement. And finally, I have not seen a toilet on the Garfield show, not once. Now I've skipped through the episodes pretty quickly. And I've certainly seen the bathroom twice. But no toilet. So I cheated that one in anyway. Cause what kind of house would this be without a toilet? The clutter and objects in the garage were all items that The Sims 3 simply does not have. Well some are available as store items. But I did not want to use anything from the store for this house. Examples are the lawn mower, (standing) surfboards, (standing) fan, ladder on the wall, et cetera. So there is clutter in the garage but it doesn't exactly match the show. Instead of dumbbells I used fitness equipment, instead of surfboards I placed paddles, and to make up for the lack of actual cardboard boxes, I put down a load of crates with clutter. Same issue on the bathroom. The actual bathroom on the show did not have a toilet, but it did have a radiator. Well we don't have that in The Sims 3, so I didn't place one of those either.

If you watch the show, you will know that Garfield's pet bed, his food bowl and Pookie move with him around the house. Same goes for the alarm clock. But I've placed his pet bed in the living room, the bowl (and Odie's) in the kitchen, and used a Bear gnome in the living room which is supposed to be Pookie. Upstairs in Jon's bedroom I've placed another food bowl for Garfield.

The house requires a lot of expansions, I think all of them. But I tried not to use any stuff packs and certainly no store items. If you like the house, please tweet/like using the sharing buttons below! <3


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