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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 20:53

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This is what the world selection screen looks like for Willow Creek. As you can see I had my own family with their house selected already. This is how it works in The Sims 4. During world selection, you select a house in one of the areas. You then go to your lot, and you see mostly your own area. You can see that my family is living across the Goth house, which is also you can recognize in the screens I made while on the family lot.

Here you can see a screen of the river flowing between two of the areas on the map. If you look closely, you can see the Goth house (the dark one) on the left, and across from that one you can see my family home. I personally think it's a beautiful world. But it might be too bright for some people. I have heard you can tone it down a little in the settings.

Another screen of Willow Creek. The dark house is where the famous Goth family lives. You can also see a little park on the right.

I also recorded a video from a little tour I did around Willow Creek. Unfortunately EA didn't approve that video, I never received it. I think it's because it showed a bit of the backdrop in the world. Which we all know is there, but I think my video made it seem worse than it really is. From the most part I didn't feel like the backdrop was a bad thing. It was funny to see at first. But in all honesty I prefer having a backdrop that looks nice in pictures, even if it is in fact just flat graphics. I prefer that over what we have in The Sims 3, where it's VERY hard to create a nice distance terrain in the worlds. But that's my opinion.

A few fun facts about the worlds:

  • Your Sims can live in one world and still visit or move to the other.
  • There are public spaces like parks where Sims seems to roam around more than the ones in The Sims 3.
  • There are unlockable parts.

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