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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 00:06

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I tried to recreate my real life house in The Sims 4. And even though the above screenshot shows an unfinished house, it definitely worked out a lot better than when I tried to recreate it in The Sims 3 in the past. The above screenshot does not show the final house by the way. I forgot to take a screenshot of the final house, unfortunately. But the way it is here, is also how you will be able to download it later, as well as the edited and final version. I will link them on my site once the game is out! Happy

Below you can see some screenshots I capped from my house video. Not all great to look at quality wise, but it gives you an impression of what I did with it! The only thing I found is that I wasn't able to place the staircase exactly above the other one, and for my house to be created exactly as it is in real life, I needed that staircase on top of the other one. I ended up placing the second one slightly to the back, but that meant I had to edit the master bedroom. The master bedroom connects to a walk-in closet in real life. In this house, there is a hallway between the two. Oh well. I still like the end result a whole lot better than when I did it in The Sims 3. Oh and I ended up changing the outside wall textures on this one, cause I do not like the bricks/siding we have in real life, and it didn't look nice in game either (not the game's fault, it's just very boring LOL!)

Here are some screenshots from the inside of the house:


This is pretty accurate with my real life house. I have different chairs, but I liked these a lot better than the ones I have in real life. :P


Corridor between kitchen and living room

Fun fact: when you connect bookcases, they become one bookcase. So when you put a book in one of the bookcases, it also ends up in the ones adjoining the bookcase you're putting it in.


Living Room

Only thing here that isn't quite right is the sofa. I do have a similar sofa, but mine is sectional, with a corner piece. And there don't seem to be any sectional sofas in the base game.





Not exactly like real life, cause in real life I have custom made office furniture. But this will have to do until I find something better to put here. Wink


Master Bedroom

And before you freak out, this is a nap. Sleep = under the covers, Nap = on the covers.


The master bedroom actually came with a walk in closet. There still is one, but it's not connected to the master bedroom anymore. It didn't add up with the staircase so I had to split the two. No pictures of the walk in closet, though you can catch a glimpse of it in the video.


Kids Room









Laundry Room

No, there aren't any washing machines in the base game afaik. And I couldn't care less. I kinda dislike how my Sims *have* to do laundry in The Sims 3. I like this way a lot better. Just pretend they have laundry.



Just like in real life.


Outside of the House

The bit with the light grey roof on the right isn't actually part of the house. I only added that quickly cause I needed an indoor space to film the cupcake machine and the microscope! Although a variety of versions of this house are on the gallery, I will edit the house and upload a final version after the release of The Sims 4, without this addition.

Here is that unfinished bit again, the piece with the light roof. It's only there cause I was testing something, and will not be included in the final version of the house.


If you don't mind my wobbly filming skills, do check out the house video as well! :D

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