Specials: Day 1: Visiting San Francisco

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 23:19

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Now after our looooooooong flight (even longer than planned because of the 2+ hour delay) we had the Welcome Gathering at the Sofitel on Monday night. But at some point I think it was Ange who said she was going to visit the bridge. And I had talked about going to the bridge with Sara. We were going to go to San Francisco, one way or the other. So that is what we did. We gathered our cameras and went on our way. We ordered two taxis and drove to the bridge. One taxi had mostly Frenchies in it, including Ange. And the other cab was a group of people from various countries: Sara, GregAlexis, Michael, and myself of course! It was pretty tight in the taxi on the way there, but it was okay.




The only problem was that I get really carsick in general, and sitting in the back of the car didn't help my case. Also, I hadn't eaten recently and I was quite hungry. Oh and on top of that I hadn't had any decent sleep in 48 hours. So my head was spinning like mad. But hey, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, so I was happy anyway!


Rosie in front of the Golden Gate Bridge! :D


I should add I've never been on the bridge in the dark before. And since we went there at night, I had the chance to take a few nice pics this time. :D


We took a lot of selfies and a few group pics as well, and normal pics too. :P

SimsVIP: Freezer Bunny is chillen at the Golden Gate Bridge!


Group Selfie! San Francisco in the background!
Pic by Greg


Me posing with Freezer Bunny and Grim Bunny, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Pic by Greg


We're all taking pics of this amazing bridge!
Pic by Greg


The only problem was, there seems to be some kind of curfew on the Golden Gate Bridge. The gates close, and patrol cars shout "Get off the bridge" (or something along those lines) to you if you continue to walk on it. What are we supposed to do? Jump? We were trying to get off the bridge lol. Well anyway, we crossed the entire bridge, and at the end of the bridge, there was no taxi dude to be found. He was supposed to wait for us there. But I guess we should be happy he didn't, cause he would have charged us a lot of money, I think. So we went to look for another taxi. And we did find one! But that one was even smaller than the one we took to the bridge. And so we ended up crammed with 4 people in the back. Did I mention it's illegal to have 4 people on the backseat? No? Well there ya go. But despite the pain (Michael was on my left, and Greg was on my right leg), it was heaps of fun. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We all agreed, no one can take this away from us. We did it. We went there. That was our little moment :D

Sara's pic. I think Greg took it?


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