Specials: Day 1: Flight and Welcome

Sunday, August 3, 2014 - 00:56

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Some time ago I was invited by EA to attend The Sims 4 Creator's Camp. I did not see that one coming at all. But boy oh boy was I excited! So on Monday July 28, 2014 I travelled to Schiphol/Amsterdam. There I said goodbye to my family. I had a hard time saying goodbye, as I never really went abroad without my partner before. And this time I also left behind our son. After stressing out about my suitcase - I couldn't figure out how to lock it - I waved goodbye, then headed towards the passport check. I met up with Sara first, and  a little later Toke Beerens (Telegraaf) joined us. Our plane was supposed to take off at 9:50am. But we ended up having to wait at the airport for quite some time because there was a thunderstorm. In total our plane was delayed more than 2 hours. But around noon we finally took off! The flight was incredibly uncomfortable. Though the gluten free food was very yummy!



After a 10,5 hour flight we did arrive at SFO!


After having gone through the security we met up with the Frenchies! Among them Greg from SimCookie and Ange from Simsoucis (although Ange is actually from Belgium haha).


Outside we also met Minraed from Simatography/SIFF and Riccinumbers from The Sims Resource. They informed us that they lost Rachybop somewhere at the airport. She was fine by the way, she had already taken a shuttle to the hotel!

Several people called for a Sofitel shuttle. When one of those finally arrived, we rushed towards the shuttle. The shuttle driver loaded our suitcases into the shuttle and we took our seats. There were 13 of us, so he couldn't fit all of us in. But some of us got the shuttle that arrived shortly after. We got a nice, cold bottle of water from the driver, and off we went!

On the way to the hotel I took quite a few pics, mostly for inspiration, though also all of them purely for memory. Barely any of these pics are really good. But it's the thought that counts, right? I even came across a Belmont sign at some point, but by the time I realised it, we were way past the sign. Oh well. Next time then? Dare I dream about a next time? :P


At the hotel we checked into our hotel rooms. And as much as I wanted to relax, there was NO time to do so lol. We had made plans to just drop off our bags, freshen up quickly, and go downstairs again so we could pay a quick visit to the local supermarket. I needed some gluten free snacks and the like. So I cleaned myself up as quick as I could, ran downstairs, found out the girls had already left without me, ran after them (which in my case means I walked fast, with my legs I can't run). And pretty much only caught up by the time we arrived at the store haha. At the store I got some gluten free snacks, a smoothie for breakfast, chewing gum, a few bottles of water (Arrowheads!) and a shopping bag. I tried paying it with my card which I activated prior to leaving my country. And it should have worked. But it didn't Luckily Sara saved the day (thanks girl!) so I could still get my groceries. After everyone got their groceries, we walked back to the hotel and there we rushed back to our rooms, dropped our stuff and went downstairs again.

In the lounge I had to sign some paperwork. The usual, NDA's and such. Though this time also a US tax form. US tax form? The thought alone freaks me out. I mean I have my Dutch tax forms and that's fine. But this was a whole different story. I survived though. Once I had signed all the paperwork, I got my badge, a bunch of papers (with our schedule and other useful info), and a goodie bag! 

Excited about that goodie bag... As Ange captioned: "My preciousssss"

Pic by Ange/Simsoucis


Outside I saw soooo many familiar faces. People I had seen before, and people I had seen online, but never in real life. And some new ones too. It was all very exciting and overwhelming. Did I mention I not only get excited but also a little (very) anxious in situations like these? My excitement won, I think. I ended up at the table with James aka The Sim Supply, Rachybop and Michael from SimTimes. And, also there, I saw that Mollie aka The English Simmer was at the event. I think I squealed. I don't really do fangirling, but I didn't expect to see her there, so that came as a pleasant surprise! :D


Plumbob Cakepops! Couldn't eat them (gluten), but they were pretty to look at. :P


Greg and I were playing with these lovely plumbob cakepops, and suddenly Alexis from SimsVIP appeared and screamed our names. A few huggles later, this happened:

Reunited, the three simmeteers? Greg, Alexis, et moi! :P

Pic by Greg


Grim Bunny has some serious swag going on here!


A lot of selfies and crazy chatting later, Ange informed us she was going to the Golden Gate Bridge. Well I think that is what happened. I think it was Ange, but at the mention of going to San Francisco I lost focus haha! So yes, we ended up going to San Francisco! I have a separate blog post dedicated to that, you can read it here. :D

When we got back, Alexis, Greg and myself headed up to Alexis's room for some room service, as we were all very hungry. I ended up munching my gluten free crisps and granola bars, and I got a BFF coke from Alexis. Thank you hun. :P


And that concluded my first day. It was a very hectic and long first day, but there were NO REGRETS haha. We had so much fun, and the week was just getting started!

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