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What better way to see the upcoming Sims 2 expansion pack than through the eyes of a Sim herself?

Peek In On Her Correspondence

Watch The Sims 2 University in action as Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau gives you a video tour of The Sims 2 University.

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Watch how 2 different bands rock the crowd at a University house party.

3 delicious new University themed wallpapers are now available in the Get Cool Stuff section. Download yours today!

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Greetings All,

Love is in the air at Maxis. OK, that sounds really cheesy, but the Cupid upload did appear on today as our little Valentine's gift to you.

The Sims 2

Looking for never before seen screenshots of The Sims 2 University?

Download the Sims screensaver! This screensaver has images from the newest expansion pack.

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"After a rowdy Freshman year, however, her adventures have only begun. This week we peek in and learn about choosing a major, new career options, jobs around campus and more..."

Read The Letters!

"This exclusive trailer gives you a taste of what The Sims 2 University is all about."

Live The University Life

"Those of us who studied Econ 101 by playing quarters know that there's more to higher learning than libraries and study groups. We asked University Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau why we should pledge EA..."

See What Tim Has To Say

Want to see the new University Pool Table in action? Check out this new movie!



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